Sunday, June 22, 2014

DTLA Night Market// 6.20.14

While everyone was at EDC this weekend..... I went to the DTLA Night Market! The market was located right across the Staples Center and was held in their Lot 7 parking lot. It was my first time attending so everything was fascinating to the eye!

Melvin, Princess, and I waited approximately 15 minutes for MAMA MUSUBI's gourmet rice balls. The wait time wasn't a surprise to us since we knew that all the mouth-watering food booths would hold the longest lines. While Princess munched on her spicy tuna rice balls, I went for something on the dessert side. 

O'MYBUNS serves signature bread buns filled with cream cheese, coffee, and vanilla. For $3, I got their original (caffeine-free) coffee bun. I loved how the bun was crispy on the outside, while soft and fluffy in the inside. It was so appetizing I was tempted to buy another... If they opened one in the San Fernando Valley, I'd buy a dozen every week- haha! 

Aside from the endless rows of food booths, they also had art and retail stands. We didn't browse through the artist stalls but we did wander around the clothing booths. Stussy had a huge sale with $10 shirts, $15 snapbacks, $22 hoodies, & etc. With a sale like that, their booth was exploding with crazy customers! 

Since Mercedes-Benz was a sponsor, the German luxury car company showcased 3 of their hottest models. Just like Melvin wanted to drive off in a CLA, I wanted the convertible for the road. 

The DTLA night market was a Friday evening well spent with great foods and good vibes all around. Everyone in attendance seemed to be having a great time and the energy level was off the charts. I hope that next year's night market will top this one! 

And yes, I'll have more coffee buns. 

Xo, Lara

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Getty Villa// Malibu

Photos by Vera Bersabal 

(Dress- Brandy Melville, Sunnies- Zerouv)  

 on Jona  (Dress & Cardigan- Hollister)

Spent my Friday at the Getty Villa in Malibu! The weather was just right. Not too hot, nor too cold. I wore a casual dress and converse just to be on the comfortable side. Although, I really wanted to wear heels and a nice outfit, but with their floor setting it wouldn't have been practical. 

I received these lovely midi rings courtesy of Born Pretty Store. I've never owned a pair of rings in this style, so I gotta say that they are the cutest rings in my jewelry box!

Enter my code BALT10 to get 10% off your enire purchase. 

I've linked all the rings below so check 'em out!

I also want to share with you my first feature on Fame Cherry 

And yes, that's my not so little sister, Jona in those pictures. She's always wanted to be featured on my blog so here she is now- hehe! She's off to join the Airforce this year and I couldn't be more proud to have her as my little booger.  

While everyone enjoys their sunday, I'll be wishing I was a Grecian goddess perusing the halls of the Outer Peristyle. I mean, a girl can dream right? 

Xo, Lara

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kick, Push, Coast

Photos by Vera Bersabal 

(muscle tee- Zara, Jeans- Hollister, Beanie- Pacsun

This board is pretty rad, don't ya think so? I don't really know anything about the anime, Attack on Titan but my sis did an amazing job on this custom made board. 

Currently my fave pair of jeans I own in my closet. It's supposedly a skinny fit, but I think boyfriend seems more suitable since it doesn't quite feel like skinnies. 

If you're a jewelry lover then head on over to BORNPRETTYSTORE! They have a wide array of cute rings & necklaces at affordable prices; some are as low as $0.99!  Just use my code BALT10 and you'll get 10% off your entire purchase. No minimum required. Plus, it's Free Shipping. 

I'll be shooting my new midi rings from BPS @the getty villa tomorrow so that'll be on the blog soon! 

Sending my love to all the 2014 graduates! Congratulations!  

Xo, Lara 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Up, up & away

Instead of going to the Hot Air Balloon festival (and paying $25/person), my folks and I decided to view the sunrise balloon launch at the Monte De Oro Vineyard, as our alternative. There was no admission fee whatsoever and visitors were able to ride 2 of the tethered hot air balloons! 

It was a magnificent sight, seeing the balloons launch off the vineyard grounds, and slowly taking flight into the clear, blue sky. Unfortunately, all the slots were taken this year so we weren't able to ride in one. The flight would take about 2 hours viewing the Temecula Valley, along with complimentary champagne for you and your party to enjoy.

This is on my bucket list, so I've still yet to experience this type of  air transportation. 

We weren't planning on waiting 3 hours for their wine tasting, so I just snapped a few pics of their vineyard and wine bottles. 

see you on my next post (:

Xo, Lara 

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