Monday, March 31, 2014

Pretty in Plum

Photos by Vera Bersabal


(Romper- Nastygal, Heels- Shoedazzle)

A tad late but this was my birthday outfit from a month ago. I decided on going with a more playful yet classy look for my 20th rather than just something plain jane. I've always been a pink color type of girl so matching this plum romper with these pink & red toned heels made me hesitant at first but hey- i made it work! 

Surprising to say, these heels are soo COMFY! 4 inches can feel like too much for some of us, but walking in these babies feel like nothing. This is my second stylish pair from shoedazzle and I'm surely ordering more in the future. 


DUN DUN DUN.....2 more weeks til my trip to the Philippines!


XO, Lara


Friday, March 28, 2014

Indio Calling

Photos by Vera Bersabal

(Cutoffs- Brandy Melville, Bralette- Gilly Hicks, Tights- Romwe, Sunnies- Zerouv)


Paired this easy outfit with this brandy melville coachella cutoff & a burgundy gilly bralette. Cutoffs are the way to go this season since the temperatures seem to climb a bit on the warmer side. 

Can't wait to enjoy this weekend. 

XO, Lara 

Sunday, March 23, 2014



Happy Sunday! 

I come bearing great news. Last week I received my first sponsor from It's a jewelry and accessory site which has a bunch of cute stuff! They gave me a 10 % discount to share with you all; plus it's free shipping. The code is on my page so just click on the side banner and you'll be redirected to their site.

So as promised, here are my favorite items for spring + my everyday makeup. Check 'em out!

Forever21 & Essie Nail Polishes 

I love the Spring color scheme because it's all about vibrant hues and soft pastels. Nails can make a bold statement with any outfit so here are 4 colors I absolutely adore. First off is F21's teal shade which I had to get because my nail polish collection lacks this specific color. I've been obsessing over neutral colors so this nude nail polish was #1 on my to buy list. Essie has been one of my favorite brands because they provide flawless coverage and outstanding durability with all their shades. 'Borrowed & Blue' gives you a precious light blue while 'Tart Deco' gives you an artistic burst of coral. 

Brandy Melville Hair Tie Bows

I picked these up from the Brandy Melville Warehouse sale a few weeks back. They were free so i took huge chunks of each print. These hair ties can give any braided hair style or simple ponytail a flirty and sweet look. 

Zerouv Sunglasses

I discovered this website from one of my favorite fashion bloggers last year. Zerouv offers a wide variety of sunnies styled for men and women who like to give their outfits a sharp finishing touch. They offer FREE SHIPPING and prices are as low as $9.99! I purchased these babies since I'm into round and oversized lenses. Buy a pair and I guarantee you won't regret it!

My Everyday Makeup

No matter what season it is, my makeup routine doesn't change. I like to go for the natural look so nothing too over the top. 

I start off with my toofaced primed & poreless face primer. It goes on seamlessly and it keeps my makeup intact. I prefer BB cream over foundation because it's an all-in-one cosmetic that acts as a moisturizer, primer, and light foundation. The one I use is Dior's BB creme to cover up my blemishes and discolored spots, creating an even skin tone. This BB creme goes on super light so it doesn't feel like you have anything on your face! 

Out of all the mascaras I tried out there, Clinique is the only one that delivers the right amount of volume and length I've always desired. Their high impact extreme volume mascara has never failed me. 

Bobbi Brown's long-wear gel eyeliner in black ink is my go to eyeliner. I use their ultra fine eye liner brush with it so it goes on precisely and smoothly. It dries quickly and has a water-resistant finish.

The Toofaced chocolate soleil bronzer is my favorite beauty product I own. Not only does this bronzer smell like chocolate but it executes a matte finish which I prefer over other shimmery bronzers. 

I can never leave the house without my rosebud salve. This must-have lip balm is not only used to moisturize my lips but also to relieve dry skin. This was my best friend when I was surviving the polar vortex in New York. 

To finish it off, Make up Forever's lipstick in Rouge Artist Natural gives my lips the perfect pinkish brown tint. It keeps my lips moisturized and soft without drying them out. Definitely a keeper. 

XO, Lara

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flower Power

Photos by Vera Bersabal

 (Dress- Abercrombie, Necklace- Forever21

My sisters and I shot on sunday when the wind was a tad breezy. I swear, I felt like Pocahontas painting with all the colors of the wind; which totally explains the top photo.

I'm more of a dress/shorts/skirt type of girl. I don't fancy jeans as much because they take longer to put on than other bottoms. Anyone else agree on this?

Spring gives you the opportunity to wear bright patterns and bold colors without having to cover up. A flowy dress of your choice, some nice wedges, and wavy hair is all you need this season. I'll be putting up a post of my spring necessities soon so stay tuned! 

XOXO, Lara

Monday, March 17, 2014


Photos by Vera Bersabal 

(cropped tee- Brandy Melville, booties- loveD)

Happy Monday!

I love how overalls have been making their way back to the fashion trend. Worn in the 60s and 70s, they gave anyone who wore them a youth like and playful look.

So i found these overalls in my sister's closet of unwanted clothes. I'm happy to say they fit me- I guess I haven't grown much these past years. I paired them with my taupe chunky boots to give me some height.

These ladybugs just add the perfect finishing touch since Spring starts on Thursday! Who's ready to bust out their pastel colored & floral printed clothes? I know I am.  And for the guys, shorts and button up shirts? 

I'm ready to hit the beach and get my tan on. 

XO, Lara 

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Photos by Vera Bersabal  

(Beanie- Pacsun, Sunnies- ZeroUV, Cropped Tank- Cottonon, Shorts- Hollister, Flannel- Old Navy)

I've been busy packing for another trip.... I'm going to my homeland, the Philippines! I haven't been there in years so I'm very excited to see my grandma and eat lots of Filipino food! (Not that I already don't here)

My mum told my sister and I that we're checking in 4 luggages. In other words, that gives me the opportunity to pack my entire closet- HAHA! I've decided on saving the fancy clothes for the city and the casual clothes for the province.

I'll be taking lots of pictures so all you readers can catch a glimpse of my adventures while I'm there. Who knows, maybe I'll end up staying in a private beach or go zip lining in a forest!

XO, Lara

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Casual + Edge

Photos by Kassey Cordova

(Blazer- H&M, Top- Brandy Melville, Jeans- Hollister, Heels- Shoedazzle)

Ripped jeans are definitely a favorite of mine. I owe a bunch from skinnies to boyfriends. There's just something about them that makes any outfit edgy and tough. 

I styled my pair with a flowy cropped tank and black sophisticated heels to give it a contrast between a sexy yet relaxed feel. Also, I was able to polish this outfit with a black blazer to match my cute shoes.

I forgot to mention that my sunnies are from zerouv. I'm wearing their oversized round glasses in black. Their site has a ton of retro and chic sunglasses at affordable prices. Plus, it's free shipping! You can view their styles here

XO, Lara

The Big Apple

 "I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps."

New York was such an adventure! Every time I visit this city it just keeps getting better. 

I arrived around 7pm at JFK on a frigid 30 degree Saturday night. The freezing wind greeted me with nothing close to a warm welcome. Low 40s to 20s were my sunny days in the city, while socal was having summery weather back home. 

I stayed in Washington Heights, Manhattan; a short commute to the city via subway. My brothers showed me around the city, touring the NY high line, central park, Washington Square, SOHO/NOHO, brooklyn bridge, & etc. Among one of those sites was McGee's Pub; the inspiration for the well acclaimed show, How I Met Your Mother. Surprisingly enough, it looked absolutely nothing like McClaren's.

The museums were quite captivating. My favorite was the Museum of Natural History because I, myself am fascinated with dinosaurs. I browsed through glass windows containing the bones of prehistoric mammals losing track of time. At MOMA, we stumbled upon a giant baby representation made up of various colored stuffed animals. It was the only happy art piece throughout the entire collection since the artist had a very dark view on life. His explanation on this artwork was that he found light in babies since they are born pure and therefore, are given a symbol of hope and joy. 

What I loved the most was experiencing my first snowfall!! It was a wonderful sight to see! The soft snow fell gently on my face as I headed straight for the subway station - Thank goodness for waterproof makeup! I remember passing by a lady with an umbrella in the snow. I thought it was the silliest thing ever but she was better off than me since the snow had already drenched my face. Weird to say, but an umbrella can come in handy in a snow storm. 

Random fact: salt makes snow melt faster. Who knew that an everyday seasoning can do so much in the east coast?!

Let's talk about food. NY pizza is by far the best pizza I've ever had!! The texture was just on point. Every crunchy bite was so mouth-watering that I just didn't want to stop. I loved how big the slices were and easily you can fold it in half for easier consumption. 

I had my first ramen bowl in East Village at Ippudo NY. where the intimate ambiance was shared with dim lighting and ongoing conversations between guests. As my order, the akamaru modern (pork soup noodles topped with ippudo's secret "umami dama" miso paste, pork chashu, cabbage, sesame kikurage mushrooms, scallions, and fragrant garlic oil) made it's way to my table, my amiable waitress greeted me with a smile and bowed, wishing me a wonderful dining. And so, within a moments notice, I devoured my bowl in minutes to fill my empty stomach and keep me warm before I traveled back home in the snow that night. 

The Friday before my departure, my brother booked a 7pm reservation for 4 at Mario Batalii & Joe Bastianich's Babbo Ristorante. Located in Greenwich Village, we dressed up in fancy attire to suit the  atmosphere. I wore a warm navy blue fuzzy sweater with black high waisted skinnies and black heeled booties. I had the pleasure of dressing up my brother's partner in a maroon and gray pin striped dress shirt, light khaki slacks, black sleek leather dress shoes, and a charcoal gray pea coat. He looked extra spiffy that night! I ordered their barbecued skirt steak which was seasoned perfectly and cooked to perfection! After finishing my plate I surely wanted seconds! 

Tiffany's. Chanel. Louis Vuitton. Sak's. Fifth avenue was definitely one of my favorite spots because this was the mecca of designer shops in the city. You could spot so many fashionable women and men dressed up in lovely clothes perusing the streets going on a shopping day or just simply going for a stroll. One thing i noticed was that no matter how freezing the temperatures were, New Yorkers still dressed up in style as if the cold never bothered them anyway!! Now that's amazing!

As my week came to an end, I came to a conclusion that New York is the city for me. Within one week, I immediately blended in with their day to day lifestyle. It has all the characteristics I want in a city; Fashion, Social scenes, fancy bars, & nightlife adventures. 


If I can make it in this city, I can make it anywhere. 


XO, Lara 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Gloom

 Photos by Kassey Cordova

(Beanie- Brian Lichtenberg, Shorts- Urban Outfitters, Tights- Romwe)


Happy Sunday! 

1,000+ views in the past 2 days?!?! You readers are the best!! I'd like to send each and everyone of you a virtual hug for being so awesome and reading my blog! I'm pretty sure you can tell I'm so ecstatic by all the exclamation points I've used so far in these sentences, haha! I just cannot contain it. 

I hope you all stayed warm and dry from the rain this weekend! I, myself, am not a huge fan of rain but California needed this since we were in a drought! 

How did you spend your Saturday & Sunday? Did you stay in and watch netflix all day or perhaps go on an ice cream run in the rain? I actually did one of these. My Saturday was well spent as I enjoyed a spontaneous kbbq dinner with a bunch of my good friends from high school. I'm team brisket all the way - just because it cooks faster than the other meats. And as for dessert..... you guessed it right! We went on an ice cream run for a perfectly swirled,  vanilla ice cream on a classic cone. YUMMY!!

So these photos are from a shoot I did back in early January before flying to New York. I just thought it was appropriate to post since it's been gloomy these past few days. You might be wondering where my sweater is from. It's actually from one of my dad's thrifted collection! My dad has good taste! Like father, like daughter shall we say? Definitely check out your local thrift stores. You never know what may catch your eye!

My photographer, Kassey and I ended our day at a residential area in Burbank overlooking the Bob Hope Airport. The view was breathtaking. The cold wind breezed through our hair as the sun slowly set. Planes of various airlines gradually made their way into the vivid, painted sky. Thinking of all the passengers aboard, I envisioned the destinations they will be arriving to. States filled with snow this winter season filled my mind. Then, the thought of me being one of those travelers gave me a sense of excitement. Not only will I be traveling thousands of miles away from home, but to a city I fell in love with years ago. Not just any city, but the city that never sleeps; New York.  

 Stay tuned for my next post: my NY trip!

Xo, Lara



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