Sunday, October 30, 2016

Floral Earrings

(Earrings- Born Pretty Store)

Even though it's the fall season, that shouldn't stop us from incorporating floral prints and accessories from our wardrobes. After all, isn't fashion all about taking risks and being different? 

I received these beautiful floral earrings from BPS and they just add the perfect amount of color in my neutral-dark color palette of clothes. 

Don't forget to use my coupon code BALT10 to get $$ off your purchase.

Stay tuned for my next post!!


Chic Chick

Photo by Vera Bersabal

(Necklace- BornPrettyStore, Jacket- Zara, Bodysuit- Forever21, Skirt-Brandy Melville, Boots- Asos)

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm currently writing out my thoughts while jamming out to OneRepublic's new album, Oh My My. It just seems to mix well with the heavy overcast in LA this morning.  

I've been wanting to get my hands on a choker for the fall season and lucky enough I was able to receive this gem from Born Pretty Store this month. For $1.99 it's such a steal!! Plus if you use my discount code BALT10 you get $$ off your purchase. I've linked the necklace below if you wanna check it out.

This Zara jacket has been hiding in my closet since august so I was ecstatic to be able to wear it out recently since the weather has been slowly cooling off. If you know me well enough I'm a huge fan of utility chic jackets. (this is like the 3rd pair i own haha) Anyone else agree with me that they just scream fall vibes? 

I hope everyone has a fun and safe halloween! Save me some twix bars okay? :D


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dapper Day at Disney

Photos by Robert Garong

(Romper-Revolve, Sunglasses- Zerouv)

Missing the happiest place on earth right now ): Before my disney pass expired, I was lucky enough to attend Dapper Day 2015 at the Disneyland Resort & Disneyland's CA Adventure Park. For those of you who don't know what Dapper Day is, it's a public event held at the Disney Parks where you can dress up in fancy clothes ranging from suits & ties, to elegant dresses, depending on your taste of fashion. For more info on the event you can go on their website here

I've always been a huge fan of the retro 70s so I went on wearing this striped navy blue romper from revolve. Hands down, this is one of my fave rompers of all time because its super comfy and I can dance in them lol. I topped off this outfit with white platforms and pink oversized round sunglasses to fit my theme. And of course I couldn't forget my minnie ears!! 

My day consisted of stuffing my face with churros and taking a few classes at the animation studio in california adventure. I guess you can call me an artist after sketching goofy with just one try. I have to admit I was quite impressed myself. 

Since my fave season is here...I've been feeling inspired to shoot some new outfits so stay tuned for my upcoming posts(:

Xoxo, Lara

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Vibes

Photos by Robert Garong

(Accessories- BornPrettyStore, Jacket & Pants- Zara, Top-F21)

I would say that I'm having the bad case of the mondays but due to the 3 day weekend, we can totally skip that! 

I spent my Labor Day weekend in Malibu's Paradise Cove stuffing my face with all sorts of fried seafood! NOM NOM NOM. The weather was quite marvelous at 72 degrees; perf beach weather you can say. 

I've been trying to avoid getting darker since I'm not a huge fan of short tans or uneven tan lines so i opted on covering myself up for the day. Lace slip tanks and dresses have been the go-to statement pieces during the spring and summer seasons so I caved in and bought this little gem. I tucked it in so the top doesn't take away from the black high waisted pants. Of course, i wouldn't want it to eat out my frame since I only stand at 5'2. 

Born Pretty Store always sends me the most fashionable, timeless pieces to spruce up my wardrobes. I had to style this beautiful pearl necklace with their gold toned infinity bracelet. I just thought the off white pearl and gold combo would weave this outfit altogether; and so it did! Round sunnies have and will always be in season no matter what so I decided to channel my inner retro babe and rock these bad boys. 

Don't forget to check out their store on my side bar and use my discount code 'BALT10' to save $$$ off your next purchase! 

Halloween is right around the corner... Any costume ideas? 


Monday, July 18, 2016

Black & Gold

 Photos By Vera Bersabal

(Bracelet- Born Pretty Store, Hat- Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses- ZeroUV)

Hey, what's up, hello!!

What has been keeping you busy this summer? Let's see here.... I attended my second EDC LAS VEGAS last month and it was definitely one for the books. You can probably say I had too much fun cause your girl got super sick afterwards ): I'm taking a break from raving for now because I need to catch on with some personal life priorities. DUN DUN DUNNN!!

Yesterday, my beautiful aunt hit a milestone by turning 60. Sixty years old may sound really old to some folks but she doesn't look a day past 30!! I'm pretty sure its the asian genes that runs through our family, haha! I'm forever grateful for that. 

My Auntie Gene taught me how to dance and accept my femininity. With her inspiring fashionable ways, I've come to embrace the aspect that wearing makeup and heels is totally okay! It doesn't mean you're too girly for doing it, but if it makes you feel beautiful inside and out, then do so as it pleases you. 

Any accessories/jewelry with the color scheme, black, white, and gold ALWAYS scream classy and elegant to me. Anyone else get the same vibe? I'm obsessed with this bracelet from Born Pretty Store because it gave my all black outfit some flare. I really adore the intricate beading that this bracelet has especially for its retailed price. This  cutie is less than $4! And if you used my discount code BALT 10 you can save some $$ when ordering online! 

The link to this bracelet is right here vvvv

I've received a couple more items to review from BPSFashion so stay tuned for my next post!


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pretty Rings and Things

Photos by Vera Bersabal 

Rings-Born Pretty Store 

It's good to be home after spending some time in the homeland. Being back in the Philippines was such a wonderful experience. I was able to reconnect back with my cultural roots and pay respects to my late grandmother. 

You will always be in my heart, Lola Nena; forever and always. <3 

As promised before, here's a new post featuring this ring set from Born Pretty Store. How beautiful is this set?! I can't get over the teal stones and the little moons! If I went to Coachella this year I definitely would've worn these beauties. The rings actually came in a set of 6 but I ended up breaking one of them when I was trying it on ): 

I've listed the link to the rings if you are interested in purchasing them. Don't
 forget to use my discount code BALT10 to save $$$ on your transaction!!

June is around the corner... Any summer plans for y'all? All I have is EDC and Vegas on my mind, haha!

See you on my next post!


Monday, April 11, 2016

Gloomy Vibes

Pictures by Vera Bersabal

(Shirt dress- F21, Necklace- Born Pretty Store, Shoes- Vans)

It's been soon long since I've touched my macbook and actually blogged about anything. I feel like it's been a century or more. Many of you may be wondering why I haven't been updating Fashion Threadss. To tell you the truth, a lot has been going on in my life; good and bad. I went through a mild depression and that mostly affected me in such a negative away. My grandma had just passed away last week and I'm still coping with her loss. I don't usually like to share my personal life on here because I don't want to play the pity card. But hey, i'm only human too right? 

On the flip side, I'm going home to the Philippines to get away from everything for a while. A mini getaway seems to be what I really need at the moment. It's been approximately 2 years since my last trip to the homeland so I'm pretty excited to see what's in store for me this time.  

I was fortunate to team up again with Born Pretty Store. If you're just barely tuning in, BPS and I go way back in the past year when I used to incorporate their jewelry and accessories into my outfits. I've always loved how affordable their items are!! It may be hard to believe but they do have items for sale starting at $1. Crazy, right?! You can check out their website here. 

Chokers have been brought back from the 90s and is now being incorporated into today's fashion world once again. History does have a tendency to repeat itself. Don't you agree? 

In this outfit, I'm wearing their gothic black velvet heart shape necklace. This item retails for $3.09 and the pendant comes in an array of colors. I went for color #5. It does look more of a reddish color instead of the purple. It may be because of the lighting. I've linked the necklace below if you're interested in purchasing it.You can use my code BALT10 to get $$$ off their products.

I'm really digging the look on this necklace especially since it has that goth girl vibe but at the same time its has that cute feel to it. The only downside on this product is that I wish the choker was a little tighter. I feel like the length on the necklace is too long for my neck. But other than that, I still think this choker is quite a steal for the price it's listed for. 

I have 2 more products from Born Pretty Store that I'm going to style for my upcoming posts. But that'll have to wait till I come back from my trip.

Until then, see you soon! 

XO, Lara

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